Burundi- Magamba

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This washed coffee was sourced with the help our pal Jake at Homage Coffee Source. Our relationship with Jake started 5 years ago in Burundi while we were both on a sourcing trip for other businesses. We met back up at SCA Expo 2 years later when Jake started Homage. We cupped through several washed and natural lots from the Munkaze Washing Station and found this lovely day lot.

The Munkaze Washing Station is located in the Kayanza Province and owned by Ephrem Sebatigita. Ephrem is a total rockstar. He speaks 4 languages, is a licensed Q grader, assistant Q instructor, level 2 Q processor, has a masters in electrical engineering and was part of the team who worked on the first pilot-less metro in Lille, France.

One of the first coffee farms in Kayanza was started by his grandfather who took first place in the Burundi Cup of Excellence in 2018, with Munkaze right behind him in 2nd. We love how bright and juicy this coffee is and are excited to continue buying coffees from Munkaze.

Ephrem separated lots this year for the first time since he started Munkaze. In years past, he wasn't able to due to limited volume worthy of separating. This particular day lot comes from Magamba. The name is from a village/hill/community near Munkaze that has a different terroir than others separated.

Flavor profile: Stone fruit, fig, black tea

Variety: Red bourbon

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1700-2000 masl

Supplier/Importer: Homage Coffee Source