Burundi- Mutana Lot 95

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This natural processed coffee is another arrival from our friends at Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi. This particular lot comes from producers surrounding the Mutana Hill region, which is located near the border of the Kibira forest in the province of Kayanza in Northern Burundi.  

Long Miles Coffee Project is a venture started by Ben and Kristy Carlson. They've done an amazing job linking coffee farmers with roasters interested in high quality, traceable lots, by supporting sustainable coffee practices. Since starting their project in 2011 they've built two washing stations, one of which is called Heza where this coffee from Mutana Hill and other surrounding hills get processed. 

We love working with projects like Long Miles because of their focus on supporting the local community. They take time to know the coffee growers that deliver coffee to their washing stations and have created sustainable farmer care projects to make sure to know the needs of the community. Long Miles pays premiums for quality and have hired agronomist coffee scouts to share their knowledge with the farmers. Because of this coffee farmers have started to re-invest in their farms and we've seen the quality only get better over the years.


Flavor profile: Concord grape, plum, and molasses.

Varietal: Bourbon

Process: Natural

Elevation: 2023 - 2156 masl

Supplier/Importer: Long Miles Coffee/Relationship Coffee