Colombia- El Quebradon

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This is a AAA grade quality coffee from the “Hacienda El Quebradón”. The Hacienda covered much of the municipality of Palestina. It was inherited by Lorenzo Cuellar's sixteen siblings who sold off most of the land to settlers arriving in the region in search of land and fortune. The region was previously known for being a rubber-trading hub but over time this changed into a coffee-growing community.

Today, one hundred and twenty coffee growers from the municipality of Palestina are focusing on producing high quality coffee under the name of Quebradón, honouring the Hacienda. These growers focus on producing coffee with fewer defects by taking better care of their coffee trees, applying a more stringent approach to picking- only selecting ripe cherries – and carrying out better beneficio techniques after the harvest.


Flavor profile: Gingersnap, brown sugar, milk chocolalte

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1600-1850 masl

Importer: Caravela