Colombia- Villa Daniela Decaf

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Edinson Rodriguez is a farmer our friends at Osito have been working with since very early on.  He also owns a farm in Garzón and one in Picuma. This particular lot is from his farm Villa Daniela in Picuma.
Edinson is a good example of "slow and steady wins the race," in that he has not invested heavily in his farm's infrastructure or torn up producing hybrids for fancy coffees but incrementally he has improved his harvesting, processing and drying and we've seen a gradual but noticeable increase in quality over the last three years.  We find that this is a humble but legitimate success story of how "normal" varieties and "average" infrastructure can yield positive results if one is detail oriented and precise in everything they do. This is our favorite decaf yet. We're super excited to have this coffee to share.

Flavor profile: Milk chocolate, almond, plantain

Variety: Colombia

Process: Washed EA, Dry fermented for 24 hrs, dried in a parabolic drier for 15-20 days and processed with Ethyl Acetate at Descafecol in Manizales, Caldas

Elevation: 1700 masl

Importer: Caravela