Ethiopia- Mulish Natural

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Some 40 km away from Shakiso, Faisal’s washing station at Mulish was the first in the area. Located at an altitude of around 1750 meters above sea level on a slope leading down to the Mormora river, the 4-hectare washing station opened in 2014. Although getting to the washing station is difficult, the location is ideal because it is close to the outgrowers who no longer have to travel long miles over arduous terrain to sell their coffee.

Faisal makes it a point to ensure the Mulish washing station benefits the community. “Our outgrowers are our backbone”, he says, explaining why he places so much importance on working with the community and meeting their needs. Faisal’s first step in the area was working with the community to build classrooms for the local school.

In addition, the washing station helps train the farmers to improve coffee growing practices, thereby further improving the already excellent quality of Mulish coffee. As of early 2020, Mulish purchases coffee from 880 outgrowers in the areas surrounding the washing station.

After cupping through natural Ethiopian samples this year we've found coffee from Mulish to be  super clean. Big time fruit juice without the funk. Just how we like it! We're excited to bring it into our line up for the 1st time and plan to keep this coffee coming back year after year!


Flavor profile Raspberry, orange, lime

Varietal:  Mixed Heriloom

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1800-1950 masl

Importer: Trabocca