Honduras- Bernard Ornilla 72 Hr Anaerobic Honey

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This year Bernard Ornilla experimented with two small anaerobic lots. . We thought about blending them together to create one regular anaerobic honey lot but found it really interesting tasting the two profiles on their own. This coffee was picked at optimal ripeness and left inside their bags for 48 hours. Next the coffee was de-pulped and put into an airtight barrel where they began to ferment. The anaerobic process starts to breakdown the mucilage and carbon dioxide builds up pressure in the tank. The CO2 pushes oxygen out of the barrel through a 1-way valve creating an oxygen free environment. The anaerobic environment fermentation slows down the yeast and bacteria activity taking longer than the traditional aerobic fermentation. This process produces distinct acids, like lactic acids, that we find gives these coffees their notable flavor profile. 

Bernard let this lot ferment anaerobically for 72 hours . Following fermentation the coffee was washed and taken to the solar dryer and dried in 12 days. We feel like the extra 36 hours of fermentation added to this lot brought on slightly more tropical notes compared to the 36 hour lot.


Flavor profile: Pineapple, passion fruit, sweet tea

Varieties: Red and Yellow Catuai, Red Bourbon

Process: Honey

Altitude: 1650 masl

Supplier/Importer: Relationship Coffee/De La Finca