This is a washed Honduran coffee from producer Bernard Ornilla. Bernard's certified Organic farm, named Gaia, is located near Santa Rosa which is the capital city of the department of Copan in western Honduras. 

Jack (one the owner's of Recluse) met Bernard while helping judge a producer competition in Capucas, Honduras in 2015 and noticed how his coffee's stood out among others for their clean and sweet character. The same is true of Bernard's coffee today and we're thrilled to have maintained a working relationship with him and have the opportunity to bring his coffee in nearly 5 years later. 


Not only is Bernard's coffee great but he continues to make commitments to organic farming practices, and the welfare of his team, his farm, and his community. Bernard had this to say about some of the investments he's made this year:


"The main objective is to continue with my commitment to the social/environmental/quality project at the Gaia Farm. This 2018/19 season has been another one with further improvements/investments being done at the farm in the management of the soil, the coffee plants pruning and tissue managing, the shadow plant regulation, the new area planted with Icatu and Parainema [varieties], 100 new plants sowed at the forest/wetland, building of a rest area for workers at the farm, training of my workers, free food packages distributed to workers and the scholarship of one more girls (2 in total now) among other activities."


We plan to work with Bernard for many years to come and it's part of our identity as a company to help try to support producers like Bernard who not only turn out exceptional coffee, but also support the future of specialty coffee and others at the farm level. The easiest way we can give that suport is by paying a fair price for their coffee. We spoke directly with Bernard about what he thought was a price he deserved for his coffee based on the quality and the work he's doing at Finca Gaia - ultimately we agreed on a price that was around 2x higher than the established Fair Trade price and over 3x the 'C' Market Price.


Check out the video above to get an introduction to Finca Gaia from Bernard himself, and feel free to reach out to us via our contact page for more in depth information and content about his work there.


Flavor profile: Caramel apple, graham cracker, milk chocolate.

Varieties: Catuai and Icatu

Process: Washed, patio sun-dried

Altitude: 1650 masl

Supplier/Importer: Relationship Coffee/De La Finca




Honduras - Bernard Ornilla