El Salvador- Montenevado Estate Natural Pacamara

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This is our first of many purchases from Mario Selva. We were introduced through our mutual friend Luis in El Salvador this year. Mario's Pacamara coffee is grown at the Montenevado coffee estate, located on the Sierra Tecapa Chinameca. In this remote region of Southeast El Salvador, Mario hand picks only ripe red cherry and dries the berries for 30 days on raised beds. His coffee is hulled at an off site location close to the farm to help with logistics.

His coffee is grown at 1575 meters above sea level and overlooks the Alegria lagoon. This year we were able to try some of his natural processed coffee but we plan to grow with Mario and bring in washed and honey processed coffee from him next year as well. 

Flavor profile: Strawberry, dark chocolate, brandy

Process: Natural

Supplier/Importer: Relationship/Falcon