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Recluse Roasting Project

El Salvador- Montenevado Estate Anaerobic Honey Pacamara

El Salvador- Montenevado Estate Anaerobic Honey Pacamara

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This is our second year purchasing coffee from Mario Selva. We were introduced through our mutual friend Luis in El Salvador in 2021. Mario's farm, Montenevado Estate sits at 1600 masl overlooking the Laguna de Alegria in El Salvador. In this remote region of Southwest El Salvador, Mario and his crew hand pick only ripe cherry to ensure a high sugar content. The average brix for coffee cherry juice is between 15-25. As we walked around his farm testing sugar levels we never saw a single cherry read under 22 brix with some hitting 28. This definitely explains why his coffee is so sweet and consistent. Because this lot was processed anaerobically the high sugar content helps feed the fermentation. After picking, the coffee is transported to his friends washing station, Los Pirineos where the coffee is hulled and processed. At the mill, the coffee is depulped and put in air-tight tanks with the mucilage left on. The absence of oxygen stimulates an anaerobic fermentation which develops a unique series of acids, resulting in a wildly complex and sweet tasting cup!

Flavor profile: Grape, papaya, palm sugar

Variety:  Pacamara

Process: Anaerobic Honey

Elevation:  1600 masl

Supplier/Importer: Direct Relationship
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