Honduras- Finca Gaia

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This is our second year creating a blend with Bernard Ornilla's coffee. Finca Gaia is a single producer micro-lot blend. What this means is that it's a blend of coffee from the same farmer as well as being special lots of coffee selected for their high quality and their unique flavor profile. On top of that they are coffees that the farmer gets paid a special price premium for. Named after his farm, Finca Gaia is made up of both Bernard Ornilla's washed and natural process coffees. These are two delicious coffees on their own and this years blend we're getting notes of fresh red fruit and chocolate.

We love this concept because it allows us to spotlight Bernard as an awesome producer and talk about the importance of sustainable and ethical coffee sourcing. It also creates a reason to buy larger amounts of Bernard's coffee and therein support him more. Due to the seasonality of coffee this Blend will not be year round but we will continue to bring it back every year with the fresh crop!

Not only is Bernard's coffee great but he continues to make commitments to organic farming practices, the welfare of his team, his farm and his community.  This is our 3rd year working with Bernard and we will continue for many years to come. Finca Gaia Blend is our way of celebrating Bernard and his team while spotlighting why building relationships with producers is so important.

Flavor profile: Cherry, raspberry, chocolate wafer

Varieties: Catuai, Bourbon

Process: Washed and Natural

Altitude: 1650 masl

Supplier/Importer: Relationship Coffee/De La Finca