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Recluse Roasting Project

Honduras- Marisol Rodriguez

Honduras- Marisol Rodriguez

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Marisol Rodriguez began her own journey as a coffee grower in 1998 when she inherited a plot of 0.89 hectares from her father. With the assistance of her husband Jose Ebis they began to manage both of their plots together. In these early days, it was common that Marisol would leave their farm to go work as a day laborer on other farms to gain more income for the family while Jose would tend to their farms on his own. Through this shared effort, they were able to grow Marisol’s land to the 1.5 hectares in coffee that she manages today.

We are excited to be offering this coffee exclusively to our friends at Perk! and here on the webpage. If you're local to Richmond head to Bon Air and have a shot of this rad coffee!


Flavor profile: Graham Cracker, semi-sweet chocoalte, lemon

Variety:  IH-90

Process: Washed 

Elevation:  1740 masl

Supplier/Importer: Semilla

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