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Recluse Roasting Project

Honduras- Oscar Omar Alonzo Natural

Honduras- Oscar Omar Alonzo Natural

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We first tasted Oscar Omar Alonzo's coffee from one of his farms called Finca Cual Bicicleta back in 2020. After tasting coffee from his farm we knew we had to find a way to get his coffee back in our lineup. Unfortunately, the import company we used didn't offer it to us the following year after trying to forward contract his coffee the next year.  We happened to mention this to our producer friend Bernard Ornilla and found out he's good friends with Oscar Omar which worked for the better. We were able to meet with him at COMSA this year and start purchasing coffee from him directly.

While getting to know him over a few days we visited Finca Cual Bicicleta and his newest farm, "Finca Vi Un Pato Montado En Una Bicicleta Iba a la Finca". This translates to "I Saw a Duck Riding a Bicycle That Went to the Farm". Two thing's we'd say that Oscar Omar is known for is his sense of humor and the abundant amount of organic fertilizer he applies to his plants. We've never seen anything like it at a farm and it's clear why his plants are so prolific.  Finca Vi Un Pato's high elevation also results in slower bean development which increases the coffees density and overall sweetness.


Flavor profile: Black Cherry, berries, creamy

Varietal: Paranaima

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1700 masl

Importer: Relationship/Falcon

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