Rwanda- Muzo 27

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This is the first of many coffees we plan to buy through Sundog Trading. We tasted a handful of coffees from Baho and this lot was definitely our favorite.

Muzo is the smallest washing station from Baho and is huddled in the crevices of the hills near the heart of Rwanda. There are under 300 bags of exportable grade coffee from the 496 producers delivering to this station. Each producer has around 200 trees with an average of 3kg of cherry per tree. The average temperatures here are slightly higher at Muzo with altitudes topping out at 2100 masl and the rainfall is lower in comparison to the other stations Emmanuel runs. All of these factors play a part in the bright, sweet and tropical flavors that come through in this coffee.

"Emmanuel pays prices in cherry that can be up to 80% over the national farmgate price set by the National Agricultural Export Board (NAEB) in order to incentivize producers to choose Muzo. Furthermore, as one of the more intensely mountainous regions of Rwanda, many producers are located in areas that make the journey to deliver cherry particularly long and dangerous. To assist people living in these highest altitude / hard-to-travel places, Baho has established a collection service for Muzo. In this case, a station leader at Muzo will drive to these particular producers’ homes to
collect their cherry - the most important thing to note in these situations is that Emmanuel still pays full price and simply takes on the extra costs associated with this service himself."

This coffee went through a double fermentation process. After depulping,
the coffee is immediately dry fermented (placed into an open-air fermentation tank
with no water) for 8 to 12 hours. The coffee is then washed and the tank is filled with
water for an additional 8 to 12 hour wet fermentation. Once the fermentation is complete, the coffee is pushed through the grading channels where it's washed and separated by density. After grading, the coffees are soaked without mucilage in a tank of water for a final 8 to 12 hours. After soaking, coffees are moved onto shaded drying beds for 48 - 72 hours. This has two distinct benefits.  Total drying time for washed coffees is 35 - 40 days.

We love everything these folks are doing and are excited to continue growing our relationship with them.


Flavor profile: Red currant, blackberry, honeysuckle

Varietal: Red bourbon

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1570-2100 masl

Exporter: Baho Coffee/ Emmanuel Rusatira

Importer: Sundog Trading