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Colombia- Atunkaa Decaf

Colombia- Atunkaa Decaf

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You can always trust us to have a delicious decaf in our lineup. We think its important to not only have tasty decaf but to know that the supply chain prioritizes the income of the farmers. Below we've included a note from our friends over at Falcon.
"Siruma started as a company 5 years ago with a goal to work with under served and developing farming communities concentrating their efforts in Cauca, Caldes, and Tolima. Working with many indigenous communities, Siruma’s name comes from the Wayuunaiki language (indigenous people in North Colombia) and means Heaven and Skies. Atunkaa comes from the same language and means sleep and sleepy dreams.

Many off the rack Sugarcane Colombia decafs (bought by importers already decaffeinated) have zero farmer and price traceability and no transparency as to where most of the margin on a 4-5 dollar coffee is made. Falcon and Siruma are able to pay sustainable prices to the Association and farmers by tolling their decaf with Descafecol. The decaffeinator gets a margin for tolling, Siruma makes a margin, and Falcon makes a margin, with the Association and farmer making the largest percentages of the final price.
Atunkaa Sugarcane decaf is sourced from Cauca, Caldes and Tolima from the same partners that our community lots, small farmer blends, and micro lots come from. Purchasing from the same supply chains as our non decaf coffees helps push more volume and revenue to these partners. The results are fully traceable (farmers that contributed to lots as well as farm gate pricing) decaf community lots that score SCA 85-86, pay more to farmers, and are easy to market."

Flavor profile: Milk chocolate, marzipan, red apple

Variety: Colombia, Caturra, Castillo, Pink Bourbon

Process: Washed EA

Elevation: 1600-1900 masl

Importer: Falcon


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