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Recluse Roasting Project

Colombia- Ignacio Quintero

Colombia- Ignacio Quintero

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This microlot was produced and processed by Ignacio Quintero, a smallholder member of the ASORCAFE - Inzá, Cauca producer group & provides a great showcase for what this remote and often overlooked region of Colombia has to offer. You can expect a sparkling acidity in the cup, bright grape and apple notes with a hint of orange & maple. Beautifully balanced throughout.

From our Import partners at Cosecha Traders:

"Don Ignacio is soft-spoken, but his words carry a powerful message of resilience as he
shares the kind of wisdom only a person who has worked as a coffee farmer in Cauca
throughout his life. His inner strength becomes evident as he describes how he was the
first farmer in Inzá to process specialty coffee in the 1990s. He tells of a man who has had
to overcome the hardship of being orphaned at 12.

He began with a small piece of land left by his mother. He later planted 5 thousand trees,
which he has increased efficiently over the years. The coffee he has harvested until today
hails from those 33-year-old trees. He tells us that he has had up to 45 workers on his farm
during the harvest. "When visitors come to my farm, they can't tell who the owner is
because I pick and process the coffee like any of them," says Don Ignacio.

Thirty-five years ago, Don Ignacio became interested in specialty coffee, motivated by the
dream of improving his product and the quality of life of his family. He traveled to neighboring La Plata (Huila), where buyers were impressed by the quality of his cup. They became allured by the flavor profile and traveled to Inzá to see where the beautiful coffee came from. As a result, Don Ignacio became one of the first people in Inzá to produce a coffee with an excellent score and to have his crop travel outside of Colombia. Today, many coffee enthusiasts drink Don Ignacio's coffee in various parts of the world.

Don Ignacio dreams of improving his house, but the transportation of materials is very
costly since the farm is difficult to access. Little by little, thanks to coffee, he has been
investing in the improvements of his home. Although it is a very precious place, he is not
worried about his children continuing the work on the farm. In his words, "Time will decide
what they want to do." He is a simple man who wants to enjoy the company of his children
and grandchildren in the future. We are proud to help Don Ignacio harvest his dreams and
those of his family."


Flavor profile: White grape, green apple, maple syrup

Varieties: Yellow Bourbon, Tabi, Red Caturra, Typica

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1,850 masl

Supplier/Importer: Cosecha Traders

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