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Recluse Roasting Project

Finca Gaia Natural- Steeped Coffee

Finca Gaia Natural- Steeped Coffee

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We roasted the coffee and Steeped used their magic to create a full immersion, single use coffee bag that are a game changer for the coffee drinker on the go.  Steeped is perfect when you're backpacking, stuck on a plane, or you're just feeling like a pour over is too much work for the day.
We chose to use a naturally processed Honduran coffee from our dear friend and coffee producer, Bernard Ornilla. We have been buying from his farm, Finca Gaia, for the last 6yrs.
We've found that Gaia's natural gives a delightful fruity note to this already rich, chocolatey coffee.

They work just like tea bags, just add 8oz (240ml) hot water and let it brew. We think this particular coffee tastes best around 6-8 minute steep time, but you do you! It's also works well for cold brew, too.

Each pack stays extremely fresh due to the triple nitro-sealed packs.

We were drawn to Steeped because the flavor of their product went far beyond our expectations.

"Steeped strives to use materials that are all sustainable and plant-based. Steeped's Full Immersion Filters are a unique construction made using food-grade renewable plant-based materials. The feedstock for this material is also non-GMO. The material is a custom hybrid filter made to work specifically for the Steeped Method. These filters allow for optimal water flow in, with maximum flavor out. Steeped Bags are made using a renewable, plant-based, non-GMO, certified commercially compostable material, which includes the filter, string, and tab."
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