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Recluse Roasting Project

Honduras - Finca Gaia

Honduras - Finca Gaia

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This is the 6th year we've bought coffee from Bernard Ornilla. Bernard's certified Organic farm, named Finca Gaia, is located near Santa Rosa which is the capital city of the department of Copan in western Honduras. 

We met Bernard while helping judge a producer competition in Capucas, Honduras in 2015. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We cupped his coffee in our top 10 out of over 100 producers. Coffee from Finca Gaia continues to blow us away year after year with how clean and sweet it tastes. Be it on espresso or batch brew, Bernard's coffee is always a crowd pleaser.  

Not only is Bernard's coffee great but he continues to make commitments to organic farming practices, and the welfare of his team, his farm, and his community. 

We plan to work with Bernard for many years to come and it's part of our identity as a company to help try to support producers like Bernard who not only turn out exceptional coffee, but also support the future of specialty coffee and others at the farm level.

Check out the photos and video to get a glimpse into Finca Gaia and feel free to reach out to us via our contact page for more in depth information and content about his work there.


Flavor profile: Red apple, graham cracker, milk chocolate

Varieties: Bourbon, Paraniema

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1650 masl

Supplier/Importer: Relationship Coffee/ Royal NY

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