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Recluse Roasting Project

Sweater Season Blend

Sweater Season Blend

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This years Sweater Season celebrates two relationship coffees, Costa Rica - La Fila Natural and Honduras- Cual Bicicleta Honey.

This year we started a new relationship with the Ureña family's beautiful farm La Fila. We had the pleasure of meeting them in person earlier this year when they came to visit relatives in Richmond. They left us with samples and after we tasted them we knew we had to have it.

After blending multiple coffees and tweaking each one, we found the perfect match from the wonderful teddy bear human, Oscar Omar Alonzo. His coffee just showed up a few weeks ago and it really is what makes this years Sweater Season Blend a coffee you'll want to drink every day.

These coffees together spotlight two beautiful relationships. Both so different but together create a cozy and sweet delight to keep you warm this season.



Flavor profile: Black tea, mandarin orange, caramel

Process: Honey & Natural

Varieties: Red Catuaí, Lempira, Parainema

Supplier/Importer: Relationship/Royal NY

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